3 Important Reasons to choose the Rug Anti-Slip Gripper.

In today's market trend anti-slip features are given in carpets but stills embedded features are not much effective as it will require an additional rug anti- slip gripper.

This small anti-slip gripper is used as a discrete layer in between carpet and the floor. Every rug needs these anti- slipping features to avoid accidental slips. Some of the reasons are given below why you should use an anti-slip gripper.

It prevent the slipping of rugs

This is a big issue and can bring an unwanted harming situation in your life. You may fall down by slipping along with your carpets and may have serious injury.

An anti-slip rug makes the sticky bond between your rugs and floor, In this way accidental falling can be prevented. Sliding of rugs can injure elders and children at your home so in high traffic areas anti-slip grippers are most important to use.

Anti-slip gripper can enhance the lifespan of your rugs

You place your carpets or rugs on hard surfaces like ties and timber flooring, because of this hardness your carpet starts damaging gradually. In order to increase the durability of your carpets or rugs you can place anti-slip grippers in between floor and rugs.

As the time passes your rugs get compressed and its density decreases due to placing it on a hard surface so its fibre damage starts from the first day of carpet installation. So use it as an extra protective layer apart from anti- slipping property.

Using an anti-slip gripper slows down the process of damaging the fibre and decreasing carpet density reduction.

Protect the floor surface below the carpet

Your rug has hard padding materials that can damage your flooring underneath. Your flooring tiles and other flooring material may get a lot of scratch and become dull. In order to avoid these issues you need a proper solution.

Using an anti-slip gripper can act as a protective layer between your flooring and carpets padding layer.


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