Carpet trends 2022 stylish new looks for fabulous homes.

In 2022 carpets are in high demand and transforming its market shape with a variety of patterns & textures. From Floral pattern, to bold multi color palettes and geometric patterns, these fresh 2022 carpet trends leave a long term deep impact on carpet market trends.

Modern pattern carpets

Modern pattern carpets are spreading its market in 2022, These are trending carpets and customers are liking them very much. These carpets coordinate with the floor very easily and give a very unique look to the living space.These top quality blended wool fabric modern carpets are becoming more and more trendy nowadays. A beautiful addition to your home, it can be used anywhere in your living space whether it be the dining hall, office area, bedroom or even the living room.

Horizontal stripes carpets

Carpets with horizontal lines create the illusion of extra width. These carpets can be of many shapes and patterns like clean, wide, narrow, sharp or blurry, these are generally used in small and medium sized rooms to broaden its view. Initially these types of carpets were used in narrow spaces like corridors, stairs, hallways, etc but nowadays these are also entering into the different segments or rooms of the house.

Multicolor carpets

In 2022 multicolor carpets can be used on those living spaces which are made for multicolor themes like brown, red, blue, etc. These multicolor carpets can give colorful looks to your rooms and other outer areas.Use these type of carpets in areas like hallway and living room, because its dark palette can easily mask the effects of day to day hard activities.

Persian patterns

Persian pattern carpets are making a huge impact on consumers' living styles because of the beautifully handcrafted designed work. Persian carpets are very diligent with their pattern and design style. You can convert your floor into a canvas of persian pattern carpets. You can pick any beautiful persian pattern carpet that can give the perfect look to your home interiors.

Geometric patterns

Geometric pattern carpets are becoming more & more popular nowadays.This geometric pattern is not used only in window curtains, stairs design, etc but also in carpets . being experimented on carpets too. The below hand tufted luxury geometric pattern has taken from  carpets beauty collection is an attempt to capture geometry as an expression in a space. Clean and professional looking carpets are the great elements that can be used as a focal point in interior design. So, you can pick this geometric pattern for your living space also.

Matching with walls

Consumer behavior changing in 2022 about carpets. They are buying the carpets that can match the color of their room walls. The color combination is very important to maintain the continuity principle of interior design, by selecting the correct carpet color you can bring harmony. This trend works best in carpet patterns, where a single color is allowed to run from the floor up to create a uniform wall and carpets color matching.

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