Everything you need to know about installing a new carpet

Carpets are always prefer by those homeowners who want cosiness and warmth because the only element of interior which carpets provide all the necessary features to your living space. 

But along with carpet speciality it has many limitations, Every homeowner has different kinds of needs and required specifications so the right carpet selection matters a lot.. Maybe you are a new homeowner who knows nothing about the rugs and its application, so we have written this blog to give a complete overview of the carpet installation process and its associated costs.

Lets us discuss the several cost factors associated with carpet installations:

Carpet Installation Costs 

“How much will the new carpet cost?”

Unfortunately there is not a single appropriate answer to this question because it depends on many factors and which factor is included and in what quantity determine your overall costs associated with the carpet installation.

So try to know some factors like what is the dimension of floor you want to place carpet on it, what fabric you want in carpet and what quality you can afford per square feet. Let's discuss some important factors in detail.

Carpet size and fibre:

The cost of carpet mainly depends on the size and fabric you want in your carpets, cost of carpet measured per square feet. Fibre of carpet depends on your particular requirement suppose you you need carpet to install in high traffic area like office and living room then you need a carpet with higher resilience and durability so in that case you can buy woolen rugs but for lower traffic application you can choose nylon fabric carpets it is cheaper then woolen carpets.

Installation cost:

 Carpet installation process needs professionals to place it properly in the application area. And professionals may charge ranging from INR50 - INR200. Your floor may not have leveling condition so before installing the carpet floor should be level and this will cost you extra. 

Room furnitures and elements removing and floor cleaning charges:

 Your application area has many furniture and other elements which need to be displaced in order to install the carpets so professionals will charge for it also but if you are able to do it by yourself then you can save part of the money. Cleaning of food is also the most important part of carpet installation and will lead you extra charges.

But on choosing a brand like carpets beauty you can get this service at minimum installation costs.

We offer a wide range of carpets for your all living spaces, you can call us to get complete information and better assistance.

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