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This is the big concern that would be the cost of carpet installation as a new user. There is two scenario comes in mind first one is that you can place the carpet by your own but many things are going to miss out here and second scenario let a professional do it for you. If you are placing by yourself then it's fine but if you are looking for the expert then it will charge you less and will include carpet costs.  However, before you get there, you need to consider the costs of your project & budget you have.

We have broken down the cost of carpets and its installation for your better assistance so that you can judge better as per your budget.

What costs are involved in carpet installation?

Let's get into details how much you have to spend in carpet installation process with or without carpet supply:

  • Carpet cost: Carpet cost is the major part of this installation cost, It varies as per the size and quality of carpet you want to install, But as rough estimation good quality carpet start from INR300/square feet and goes upto INR 20k/square feet. So if you are going to install a 5x7 feet carpet then it will cost you a minimum INR10k. 
  • Carpet removal:If you are replacing your old carpets with new ones then removing those old carpets will cost you extra charges, but you can do it yourself also in order to save some money.
  • Furniture removal: Likewise, some installers may charge to move furniture – you might consider doing this yourself to save money.
  • Floor leveling & cleaning: Before installing the carpet, the floor should be clean and flat but sometimes the floor is not level and needs to work so these activities will charge you extra per square feet.

Based on the Indian market and homes and its room dimensions, A 10x10 feet room will need 5x7 feet carpet that will cost minimum INR(10k - 15k).

Carpet installation needs to be left to the professionals – so how can you save money?


Here at Carpets beauty, we’re proud to offer a huge range of beautiful carpets and lower competitive installation costs.

Our initial process begins with free space measuring and price estimation calculating to offer final charges. One of our flooring experts will visit your home at an agreed upon time, with a number of carpet samples (if possible). These carpet samples will give a live carpet installation feeling and you will become more clear and reach at a stage to decide the carpets. Our specialist will then talk to you about the installation, and will tell you the approx costs you are going to bear in this particular carpet installation process.

Carpets will run over decades if installed properly. With the assurance of carpets beauty’s in-home consultation and carpet installation service, you’ll love your carpet for its entire lifetime. Call carpets beauty on  +91 9891400655  to book a visit, or come in-store to discuss costs and installation in detail with an expert.

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