The most common carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid when removing carpet stains.

A carpet gives a huge value to your interior design in its overall life. So These carpets need plenty of care for its durability, You can avoid long term wear and tear of your carpets throughout the years With good maintenance, however, As time passes carpets faces many unwashable stains and particle trapped inside the padding area, this forces you to change your carpet after some years (It depends on your care and good maintenance).

Well we can't avoid accidental spills on carpets so just take immediate action on having this kind of uncasual things and rest of the things your carpet will manage for its durability and high resilience

Sometimes our carpet cleaning techniques or methods degrade our carpets, so in order to avoid these blender mistakes read the following points while cleaning your carpets.

Do not leave the spills to dry take immediate action

This is a serious issue with carpets. Sometimes carpets face spills problems accidentally but that carpet area is not in a state of cleaning because of the presence of guests, so these spills dry after some time and penetrate into the padding area therefore it requires an immediate action to avoid this issue. However, Your action speed and seriousness can make a huge difference in the final result.

By taking an immediate action you can remove carpet stains and odor completely, do not leave the stains to dry aor hot stains to cool.

Do not rub your carpet

This is another common mistake that most of the newbie make while cleaning its carpets spil and spots. Using any brush or rubbing from any other element damages the soft hairs of your carpets.

Rubbing the carpets not only damages the carpet’s hairs but also pushes the unwanted material to move deeper inside the carpet layers. Your carpet may face another issue of carpet decolourisation. It can damage your carpet fibres in a very short period of time, so do not use any kind of rubbing or scrubbing tools like a brush.


Do not use a coloured towel to clean your carpet

Sometimes we use towels of different colors to clean the stains, but it may be good for solid stains. On cleaning with a colorful towel its color bleeds into the carpet fibre. So before using any colored towel to clean the liquid spills thing multiple times because your carpet can face the color bleeding issue, your carpet will look very uncasual. You can use any white color towel instead of using colored cloth to clean the liquid stains.


Best way to remove stains from your carpet?

Your carpet may have the water resistance property to save the inner padding layer but still on passing some time liquid pigments enter into the inner layers if immediate action is not taken.So do not waste the time just follow the proper carpets cleaning techniques to clean your carpet.

If the amount of spilled material is semi solid and excess in quantity then use any spoon, plastic or other elements to remove this excess material. Now bloth the remaining spills with any white paper or towel to absorb the remaining liquid before using any pre-tested carpet cleaner.

Do not apply high pressure just rinse your towel multiple times otherwise your carpets may damage gradually.

Have You Lost Your Carpet?

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