Timber Flooring or Carpet: Which is the Better Bedroom Flooring Option for you?

This is a big question for those who are going to apply timber or carpet flooring. They have confusion between two and are not able to come to a state of taking decisions about the selection of the right choice. Everyone wants the best and cheapest solution for home interiors.

Both types of flooring have its own speciality and which is best for you totally depends on what you need exactly.

If you are looking for highly durable flooring which can keep you in touch with nature then no doubt timber flooring is an ideal choice at this place, But you are looking to get soft touch, cosiness and comfort then carpet flooring may be the best fit for you.

We have put some comparison factors on the basis of which you can pick the right flooring for you.

Timber flooring in your bedroom

Timber flooring is getting a huge response over many years because of its natural look and high resilience property. The area like bedroom,kitchen, living room you can prefer timber flooring because it gives you a stunning look all around the space. Nowadays it is very popular.


  • Nature belonging: Timber flooring gives a very unique style to your rooms and other living space. Most important thing is that it gives the pleasant feeling of belonging to nature.
  • High resilience (durability): Irrespective of your daily routine and some abnormal activities, timber flooring is capable of withstanding every condition, It is highly durable and can run for many years.
  • Easy cleaning, Care & maintenance: You can clean it easily by sweeping simply, no issue of permanent stains, You can take care of your flooring effortlessly and need very less care and maintenance.


  • High Flooring Cost: Timber flooring is highly expensive as compared to other flooring options, but as it is long lasting & can run for many decades so for a long term perspective you can see it as cost effective.
  • Creaking & Noise: Sometimes on sudden impact its flooring cracks away and raises a serious issue of replacement, over a time its bond with base becomes weak and creative noise on tapping the foot even with casual walk.

Timber flooring can bring sophistication in your bedroom.


Carpet flooring in your bedroom

From the last few years it has been dominating the other flooring in interior design because of its unique features like comfort, cosiness, warmth, softness, luxury look, etc.


  • Highly comfortable: You can get high comfort by using carpet flooring in your bedroom, it gives warmth and cosiness to your rooms.
  • Good heat insulator: Carpet is the best heat insulator and can work in your favor in both the seasons winter and summer.
  • Good sound absorber: Carpets in kids room and living room are good to use because playing kids make a lot of noise and guests on internment time generate more sounds so at that time these rugs or carpets act as a sound absorber and reduce sound echo.


  • Cleaning carpet is a big issue: Unlike timber flooring you can't clean carpets with a single swipe. You have to put in a lot of effort to clean the stains. You need instruments like vacuum cleaners and soft brushes. 
  • Nearly impossible to heal the damaged part:  Unlike timber flooring, You can't replace only the affected part of the carpet because it will leave uneven looks to your living space, you have to replace it completely.

Carpet flooring is best for those who are looking to get comfort and warmth along with a peaceful look.

Now at this stage I hope you are clear and in a state of taking the right decision about the flooring you want in your house. If your motive is comfort and warmth then you should go with carpet flooring, Just explore the great patterns and styles from our online store carpets beauty.

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