Which natural rug fibres are best suited to your home?

It is the most important point when you are going to make any purchase of carpets. The material or fibre of the carpet matters a lot because it depends on your particular needs and requirements.

We have explained common used carpet rugs as per its specification and quality.


Woolen rugs are in high demand and popular in 2022 because rugs or carpets provide comfort and have high durability. Wool fibres are made up of sheep by-products. Woolen rugs are best suited for the living spaces with high traffic and needs softness.

Benefits of woolen rugs or carpets

  • Woolen rugs can give a highly comfortable touch to your bare feet because wool is a very soft material used in the carpet industry for many years.
  • Carpets made up of woolen fibres are very durable and provide high resilience against wear and tear for long term. Its care and cleaning is quite easy.

Some limitations of woolen rugs

  • The living spaces that come under the zone of high humidity cannot use this fabric carpet because wool is a good absorber of water and moisture.
  • Liquid Spills take more time to get vanished due to its moisture or water holding property .
  • If you have a serious allergy from woolen materials then sorry to say this is not going to work for you just should look for other fabric rugs.


This is another very soft and cosy fibre used in rugs, This is less durable as compared to the former one but has its own benefits.

Some unique benefits of cotton rugs or carpets

  • Cotton carpets are less costly as compared to the woolen carpets but fulfill almost the same purpose of its user as woolen carpet does, softness and comfort.
  • Most of the cotton carpets are machine washable due to its low weight soft threads.

Some limitations of cotton rugs or carpets

  • If you are searching for carpets which can make your living space luxurious then cotton rugs may not fulfill your desire..


Silk rugs are highly demanding & costly in the market because of its hard tufting or weaving issue. This is specially used for the decorative perspective and ideal to use in low traffic areas like your bedroom.

Some key benefits of silk rugs or carpets

  • Silk rugs are the number one choice for those who are searching for luxurious rugs, It can beautify your living space..
  • Silk carpets are very smooth & silky as its name suggests.

Some limitations of silk rugs

  • You can't install these rugs in high traffic areas because of their low resilience.
  • Its cleaning is not easy as with other fabric carpets, it needs professional care..
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